Continuing Education

Dr. Noguera is committed to continuing education.  She strives to provide the highest level of endodontic care to their patients, utilizing the latest techniques and equipment.  Materials and technology advance rapidly, and it is important to keep up to date.  Dr. Noguera attends continuing education lectures throughout the year to ensure her knowledge and skills are current.


07/30 Sound Science Academy, Procedural Efficiency Session, 1 CEU

07/17 Sound Science Academy, Avadvanced Appplication of the Gentle Wave Procedure. Sonendo  6 hrs

04/17 DC Dental Society, Spring 2021 Symposium for licensure, 7hrs

04/15 Edward C. Penick, Contemporary perspectives on vital pulp therapy and regeneration. 

Dr. Ashraf F. Fouad, 2 hrs

03/24 Academy of General Dentistry, The Root Resorption Epidemic, Dr. Lou Berman, 1.5 hrs

03/04 Edward C. Penick, To Scan or Not to Scan? 3-D Imaging in Dentistry: A new era in diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Mohamed Fayed, 2 hrs

03/02 Renaissance Study Club, Recent Advancements and their Impact on Practices, Dr. Robert Emery, 2 hrs

02/23 The Maimonides Dental Society, Diagnostically Difficult Cases and Restoring the Endodontically Treated Tooth, Dr. John Olmsted 2 hrs

02/09 Professional Protector Plan For Dentists, Control, Protocol and Risk Management Seminar for Dental Professional Liability, Drs. Chillura and Peskin, 4.5 hrs

02/02 Renaissance Study Club, Empirical Things We Love In Clinical Practices, Dr. Luke Schwartz, 2 hrs

01/29 College of  Diplomates of The American Board Of Endodontics, 11th Annual Board Review Course and Scientific Update 20 hrs

01/26 The Maimonides Dental Society, Clear Aligner Review, Dr Brian Gray, 2 hrs

01/05 Renaissance Study Club, Interesting Cases-Multidisciplinary Approach, Dr. Armando Retana,  2 hrs


12/12 Southwest Endodontics Study Club, Emerging Techniques in Anatomy Preservation and Restorative Driven Endodontics, Advanced Endodontic Marketing, Dr. Ron Hill, Dr. David Jaramillo. Mrs. Stacy Hill 4hrs
12/9 GWAWD, Living your Sane Life with Boundaries and Peace, Pamela Brewer, MSW, Ph.D.
12/5 Academy of General Dentistry, GentleWave Masters Forum, Dr. James A. Smith , Jr. and Dr. Scott Hetz
12/5 Horizon Dental Institute, Introduction To The GentleWave Procedure. 6 Units
12/8 DC Dental Society, "Oral Appliance Therapy in the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea" Dr. Subha Giri 2.50hrs
11/24 The Maimonides Dental Society, How Embezzlers Think and Act, Dr. Pat Little, 2hrs
11/05 Edward C. Penick, Embracing Endodontic Surgery: An Evening of Surgical Nuggets, Dr. Peter Tawil, 2hrs
11/10 DC Dental Society, The Biomimetic Approach: Permanent Restorations that mimic natural teeth, Matt Nejad, 1.50hrs 
10/27 The Maimonides Dental Society, Infection Control in the Era of COVID19, Dr. Louis DePaola, 2hrs
10/25  New Jersey Association of Endodontists, 2020 Fall Conference, John Archible III, DMD, 2hrs
10/15 Edward C Penick, Are you properly planning your apical surgeries? Dr. Adham Azim, 2hrs
10/10 Sound Science Academy, TDO Software and GenteleWave Users Meeting, Webinar 5hrs
09/08 DC Dental Society, Non-Odontogenic Sources of Tooth Pain: Demystifying the Mystery of "Phantom Tooth Pain", Dr. Seena Patel, 2.5hrs.
08/15 AGD, Control, Protocol, and Risk Management Seminar for Dental Professional Liability, Online Course, 4.5hrs.
07/23 DC Dental Society, 10 Powerful Strategies to Increase Production in the COVID-19 Era, Dr. Roger P. Levin, 1hr.
06/25 AAE, Contracted Endodontic Cavity for Extended Tooth Survival: Is Less More?, AAE20 Virtual Conference, 1hr.
06/25 AAE, Root Canal Obturation: Changing Philosophy?, AAE20 Virtual Conference, 1hr.
06/02 AAE, The Trouble with CBCT, AAE20 Virtual Conference, 1hr.
05/12 SONENDO, Preparing a Robust Recovery For Uncertain Times, Live Virtual Webinar, 1hr.
04/08 ADA, Small Business Administration Loans: Understanding the Options for Dentist Owners, Presented by Mike Graham, Megan Mortimer, Allen Schiff, 1hr
03/05 Edward C. Penick, An Evening with Pain (Control and Anesthesia), Dr. Melissa Drum, 2hrs
02/25 The Maimonides Dental Society, Management of the Pregnant Patient, Dr. Barbara Steinberg, 2hrs

01/31 College of American Diplomates Of The American Board Of Endodontics,10th Annual Board Review Course, 20hrs